Naked Jane is a group of young men with a love for music, a thirst for excitement, and an unparalleled desire to have a good time. If you want the same old thing, go somewhere else; there's plenty of it out there, I promise you. If you dig variety and experimentation, however, you just might dig Naked Jane.
Gordon Beech, 1996

Naked Jane
o f f i c i a l   h o m e   p a g e

HITS SINCE 9/18/96


Last modified: July 31, 1999

The Phenomenon
Naked Jane is more than just a band. It is a national sensation that has left doubting Thomases with their jaws on the floor. Mixing every music influence imaginable, they have come up with a hot new style that has everyone looking left and right for Naked Jane.

The Band
Cory Berry guitar, vocals, pots and pans, bass, looking hip
Jason Duke lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, bongo drums
Brian May bass, vocals, whistle, guitar, random yelling
Aaron Briggs mandolin, vocals, drums, and sometimes gettin' the babes...

The Albums
Near the Pool
(Countdown, Not My Life, Burn You!)
On Vacation
(Pucky!, Leapkick, Sardines)
In the Water
(Not In Love, Girlfriend, Mistakes and Apologies)
On a Bus
(Check Out the Bark, Colton, Capitol Building)
Messed Up
(Great American, Dead Cow, K.E.W.L.)
In a Vacuum
(Comp Geek, Idle Chat, Thanks Cory Berry)
Under Santa
(Hit my Hand, No, Yeah You Know I Know Wassup )
With Gusto
(3JC, Doc, Spanky!)
Drinkin' Coffee
(Incredible Adventures, Nice Shoes, Let's Gyrate!)
In the Bush
(Mononucleosis, NiM, Poker Brothers)
Near Montana
(Grant Me This, Wisdom, The Things We Say)
Makin' Whoopie
(Get Green!, Jerk, Elemental)
Past the Horizon
(It Is, Austin, Barbecue)
Late December
(Tonight, Turn Away, Book of Love)
Under the Covers
Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)
Waiting for the Bus (The Violent Femmes)
Dreams (The Cranberries)
And So It Goes (Billy Joel)
Bleed (Giant Prophet)
Disarm (Smashing Pumpkins)
Candle in the Wind (Elton John)
Creep (Radiohead)
You are the Everything (R.E.M.)
Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel)
Puff the Magic Dragon (Peter, Paul, and Mary)
...and more!

The Tour
Naked Jane will be touring Scandinavia this Fall. Tune in here for dates and venues.

The Fame
Check here to see who else has noticed Naked Jane and its enigmatic existence on the web.

The Mailing List
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The Lyrics
That's right, now you can be one of the many citizens around the globe singing along to every word. Check out the exact lyrics to some of your favorite Naked Jane tunes here!

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The Disclaimer
Naked Jane is in no way a sexual or misogynistic reference. It is simply a name for a band that likes to make people happy, and perhaps play a bit of music, too. Jane is a fiction, a creation. We neither support nor encourage prejudices against women or throwing one's clothes off in favor of more natural forms of existence. Rather, we encourage freedom of thought and being, musical harmony with lots of good adjectives. In short, be happy, and let cheese be your guide.