Naked Jane
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15 Mammals, 2 Uncles, and a Butt Trumpet
This is one of the hippest sites on the web, my friends. Devoted to unique band names and just general sort of music mish mash, it rocks the kasbah, no doubt about it.

AMISG Band Listings
AMISG, which, by the way, stands for "American Music Information Source Guide", has a link to us on their Band Listing pages. We really aren't sure exactly what or who they are. Perhaps they're with the government.

The Austin Chronicle
Naked Jane was featured in The Austin Chronicle's 1997 Musicians Register, with a link to this page. The Register catalogs bands in the Austin area. While none of the members of Naked Jane live in Austin, all four are in Texas, and Austin is one of the band's favorite venues.

The Band Register
This site claims to be "the world's largest database of band names and band information." While we can't confirm or deny this, we can give you a link to what they know about us, which isn't very much.

Naked Jane was once listed on this wonderful site, but no more. Blimey! appears to be a resource of female-fronted bands on the web. None of the members of Naked Jane are female, which probably accounts for their current non-existence on Blimey!. Nevertheless, Jason, Cory, Briggs, and Brian were and are truly flattered and overjoyed by this recognition.

Internet Movie Database
It would appear that the Naked Jane craze has even caught on in Hollywood, or somewhere else where movies are made. Well, maybe not, but someone out there had the right idea when they made a movie called Naked Jane. No, you crazy film buffs, it's not about the band, but with a name like that, it can't be all that bad. is one of the only site's out there that actually makes a difference with the artists' interests in mind, connecting the music-makers with the music-takers. Check out Naked Jane's very own page here.

Stanford University
This one is good. Apparently, a lovely young woman at Stanford started up a call-in radio show a while back with the air-name of "Naked Jane". All those crazy California kids love her, and she made national headlines, or something. None of the members of the band have ever met her, but each has separately nodded his approval of her name and her purpose.

Surf Point
Another search engine / catalog type thing.

Thumbody Loves You
Wow. This is impressive. This seems to be a home page dedicated to people who suck their thumbs. They found the lyrics to when i'm five and decided they were worth linking to. Well, we're returning the favor. (Hey, Jason sucked his thumb till he was ten!)

Apparently, we did a show in Northern California and didn't even know it! Either that, or there are some pretty crafty imposters out there....

Wow, this concert site seems to know more about us than we do. While they're a little behind with our tour information, they got the band info right, so we forgive them.

The Ultimate Band List
Like many bands, Naked Jane has its very own spiffy UBL card.

The Unofficial Naked Jane Information Page
One of our more devoted fans has some extra time on his hands. His page is pretty cool, though. Check it out.

The Un-Officical Official Page
This is a collection of Official Web Pages. We think they might be mocking us, but we're not sure. It's all jake, baby.

The quintessential web catalog has deemed Naked Jane worthy of a spot on their band list. While perhaps not the most elegantly organized resource for music afficionados, Yahoo's band list seems to be fairly broad and perhaps larger than the UBL.